We Are The Brauns Photography, The Loft

We Are The Brauns Photography, The Loft

Studio Rates

Studio Rental includes use of a Bed, as well as any furniture that is currently in the studio at no additional cost.

You can view what furniture and decor is currently on site HERE!

If you have requests for additional or different items you may incur additional rental fees. Please put in a rental request via our inventory pages and indicate they are for In Studio Use!

1 hr rental minimum (2 hr minimum on weekends) - $55/hour

Full day (Photography/videography only, 9am-9pm) - $412.50 flat rate

 If you have never been with us before, we strongly recommend booking a tour ahead of time to ensure we can meet your needs!

Studio setups and available furniture may differ from images.


STUDIO 94 | The LOft

IMPORTANT NOTE ON HEATING/AIR CONDITIONING: Our studios are located in a 150 year old building.  In the summer, it can get quite warm during the hottest parts of the day, and in the winter the heating is turned off from 11am-1pm to converse costs. We do not have control over the overall temperature conditions as they are controlled by the Davis-Linden building owners and not by ourselves. We do provide small heaters and portable air conditioners, and have ceiling fans as well as opening windows when necessary, but please note these measures are often inadequate on extreme temperature days and the building’s electrical wiring is often unable to run as many as needed. We’re working to install more permanent air conditioning by this summer (2019) which will hopefully help cooling issues significantly. We strongly urge clients to dress appropriately for temperature fluctuations based on season and consider your booking times accordingly. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you! 


We welcome video shoots, however please be advised that our studio is located in a multi-use building on a busy road.  We have other businesses neighboring our studios on either side, above and below. We unfortunately cannot guarantee quiet conditions! 



Photographers of all skill levels are welcome. We only ask for care and respect to be shown our studio and inventory when you are with us! We do prefer the photographer to be the primary responsible contact for booking, and responsible parties will be asked to sign a studio contract prior to first time use.


We are no longer offering our studios for EVENTS. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Bookings and Tours By Appointment Only

400 Linden Ave Studio 94 & The Loft, Dayton, Ohio 45403