Q: Can I come in early to set up my equipment/do hair and makeup?

A: Your session begins and ends at the times indicated in your booking. We often have back to back sessions booked so if you need extra time for setup, please account for that (ie: book an extra 30 mins or more) when scheduling your time! 

Q: Do you allow pets?

A: We allow well trained animals but they are not permitted on furniture. Clients are held responsible for any damages or accidents resulting from animals in the studio.

Q: Do you provide studio lighting/backdrops?

A: We are a natural light studio, and we do not currently offer traditional studio photography equipment, so we encourage clients to bring in their own if needed! Please note sunset/sunrise times on the date of your session and plan accordingly.

Q: Are we allowed to use your furniture/props?

A: You may use items available in the studio on the day of your session at no extra charge! However, we cannot guarantee any particular items seen during tours or consults will be available on the day of your session unless they are specifically rented from Something Old Dayton. Please inquire to reserve certain items for you sessions.

Q: Do you offer styled setups for mini sessions?

A: We can design/customize setups for your sessions for an additional fee. Please inquire for a quote! We currently only offer "drop in" styled mini sessions during the Holidays.

Q: What is the light in your studio like at X time?

A: As we are a natural light studio, the light changes drastically through the seasons. During the summer we have fairly bright, diffused sunlight until sunset (beginning around 7/8 pm). During the winter (after daylight savings ends) the light begins to fade around 4 pm and is usually gone by 5/6 pm. We do get setting sun and it is good to note what time you'll be coming in as that may affect the lighting during your session. We recommend scheduling a tour to get the best idea of the light in person!

Q: When is the light "best?"

A: The light is the most even and indirect during morning/midday hours.

Q: Do you offer photography services?

A: We are NOT photographers! We are happy to recommend many who work with us regularly but our rental rates are exclusively for the use of space and do not include a photographer. 

Q: Can I shoot video in your space?

A: Yes! We have hosted video shoots a number of times. However, our spaces are located in a building with many other businesses. We cannot guarantee quiet conditions for any sound recording that may need to be done, and many of the other businesses can produce loud noise during their workdays. Please take this into consideration when booking!

Q: How do I book?

A: You can view availability, book and pay for time in our spaces online HERE ! Please email for tours, consultations and renting for events.